Benefits from Regular Sex

Sex is a major part of life of a couple. Some do this for pleasure, some do this to reduce the stress and some are really passionate in nature so sex is must for them. But what you all must not know that regular sexual activity also helps to improve your health. So now let’s see what those benefits are:
To keep your self fit and to burn the calories
If you want to elope from the tedious workout schedule then you’ll have to hit your bedroom. Yes, sexual activity really burns a lot of calories. So if you are regular in it then no one can stop you from being perfect in shape. Regular sexual activity burns up to 200 calories in 30 minutes.
To keep your heart healthy. Hormone DHEA is released during orgasm, this hormone is really helpful in keeping your heart healthy. If you are involved in sexual activity thrice a week then it reduces the risks of heart attack by 50%.
Men and their sexual health
To reduce the risk of ejaculation
To look Good
Regular sexual activity increases the levels or testosterone and oxygen. This helps to get you shine in your hair and glow in your face. Well not bad I must say….
To be relaxed and stress free

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